AB Bank Rwanda Unveils Virtual Assistant ABBY.

AB RWANDA has just unveiled ABBY, its new Virtual Assistant, who will allow customers to access services using social media and abbank.rw website. As the first financial institution to introduce Chatbot technology, the bank stands out on the banking scene and thus strengthens its positioning as a smart bank.

The introduction of ABBY offers significant advantages to AB RWANDA customers. From now on, they can consult ABBY for all information relating to the bank’s products and services. In addition to a consultation, ABBY allows her interlocutors to open an account or apply for credit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in complete security, wherever they are.

The project, which saw the contribution of a multidisciplinary team, lasted four months and resulted in a practical and easy-to-use tool. Every detail has been taken into consideration to ensure that users get the maximum benefit from their experience with ABBY. AB RWANDA relentlessly invests in accessibility. As a matter of fact, last year the bank extended its presence nationwide by opening new outlets, hence allowing hundreds of new customers to access financing. This year, the bank introduced AB IBAKWE, a digital channel that permits funds movement between a bank account and a mobile wallet (MTN), and vice versa. The recent launch of ABBY is part of a desire to offer customers an extraordinary and full-fledged digital banking experience.