What is AB IBAKWE service?
AB IBAKWE is a service built on the Mobile Money Platform wherein registered users can transfer money from their Mobile Money wallet to any AB Bank client’s account (current or savings) without coming to the branches.

What do I need to start using AB IBAKWE service?
It is very easy to use AB IBAKWE. You only need to have an active MTN mobile money wallet and you are good to go!

What can I use AB IBAKWE service for?
You can use AB IBAKWE Service to:

  • Pay your loan
  • Save money to your bank account

What is the process of sending money from MoMo account to AB bank account?
It is very easy to send money to your AB Bank Account using your mobile money wallet. Below are the steps to follow:

  • Make sure you have enough funds on your MoMo wallet before you start the process
  • Dial *182*4*2#, select AB BANK among the listed banks,
  • Enter the receiver’s bank account number, making sure it is written in its long format (18 digits) without special characters
  • Input the amount to transfer then confirm the transaction with your Mobile Money PIN.
  • After confirmation, you will immediately receive SMS from MTN that they money was transferred and receiver will get SMS from AB Bank that the amount was successfully deposited on the account.

I am not registered to MTN Mobile Money, Can I still use AB IBAKWE Service?
AB IBAKWE Service is linked with MTN Mobile Money system. Take a few minutes to register in MTN Mobile Money at the nearest MTN agent and start enjoying AB IBAKWE!

Is it safe to use AB IBAKWE service?
AB IBAKWE service is as safe as your usual transactions with mobile money. After your transaction, you receive a confirmation that your transfer is safely done.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of money I am allowed to transfer using AB IBAKWE service?
The minimum amount allowed to be pushed (sent from your Momo account to an ABR account) is RWF 100 and the maximum amount is RWF 2,000,000 per transaction.

Which proof of payment do i have when using AB IBAKWE service?
After you complete your transaction, you receive a notification message from MTN and a message from AB BANK that your fund transfer is done.

Can I still make my payments at the bank as usual?
Yes you can!Nevertheless, we strongly advise you to use digital channels for your transactions whenever possible.

Am I required to have a smartphone to use AB IBAKWE?
No. All types of mobile phones can perform AB IBAKWE transactions.

I am registered to AIRTEL MONEY, Can I still use this service using my account?
AB IBAKWE CHANNEL is linked with MTN Mobile Money system. For the time being, ONLY MTN mobile money users can use this service for now.

What do I do if I face an issue using this service?
Whenever you encounter an issue using this service, we encourage you to call our call center lines (0788319108, 0783806847 and 0783806849) to ask for assistance. Our clients are also encouraged to contact MTN Mobile Money helpline (100) especially if they have an issue related to their Mobile Money wallet for a quick assistance.

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