1.Do you operate on weekends?
• Open from 9am -1pm (Nyarugenge and Musanze )
• Open from 9am -4pm (Nyamirambo, Gisozi, Kimironko and Nyabugogo)
• Open from 1pm -4pm (Musanze, Kimironko and Nyabugogo)

2.Can I take my money from any of the branches?
Yes, you can do all transactions (withdrawal, Deposit, transfers) from your account at any AB Bank branch nearest you.

3.Do you offer international money transfer services
Yes we do.

4.Can I keep a foreign account with you? (Accounts in foreign currency).
Yes, you can keep USD current account and savings account and you earn USD 0.5% monthly interest on USD savings account.

5.Can I use my savings as collateral for a loan?
Yes you can.

6.What are the basic requirements for a loan application?
 The age of the applicant must be at least 18 years.
 The applicant must be Rwandan resident.
 The applicant must be business owner (or at least co-owner).
 The business must be in the operating area of the Branch.
 The business must be currently running and must have been running consecutively for the past 12 months.

7.Can I get a loan without collateral?
Yes. Collateral ranges from house hold goods, fixed assets (vehicles, land, house), or term deposits.

8.Do I need to save with you before I can be able to access a loan?

9.Do you do group savings?
Yes we do, we have IKIMINA Account

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